Sunday, 1 May 2011

Working Title : The Heir of Amadeus

"Your son, Lord Amadeus," the bundle in her arms stirred as she spoke while presenting the newborn babe to the man. "a worthy heir of your blood presented to you." Her face was obscured from view from the hooded cloak she wore.

Amadeus studied the newborn babe with interest, the child indeed possessed a gift that held great potential, his face reminiscent of his own as a child. "I have decided in his favour," he announced noting the relaxing shouders of the woman at his words. "Aric will be the name I bestow to him, what of you?"

"Alden, the choice is of Alden from myself." She who birthed the child answered softly as she brought her gaze up to the Lord. Silver eyes meeting the startling green of his without a flinch. She saw approval in her choice.

Oh, I'm excited to begin this new project because Amadeus might just be an awesome villain, or anti-hero. I'm undecided on what direction he'll take but he'll always be awesome. That is the concept scene that brought the entire story into my mind.

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