Wednesday, 4 May 2011

He's a good guy, it is official!

Amadeus is officially a good guy in "Heir of Amadeus". It seems like "Heir of Amadeus" will get a prequel devoted to the story of Amadeus because Amadeus is such an interesting character. Someone who rose from relative obscurity, no famous relations or magic in his family but became a figure of legendary status. I want to know more about him, so that spawns at least one book about him, perhaps more if I decide to do his early life, which I probably will. Poor Aric/Aden has had little to any development time, and he is the main character.

Noblessellia at the moment was my choice for the name of this world but it is rather hard to pronounce, isn't it? I'm still undecided if I will use it, but I do plan on utilising it in some way in this story. I've got some other ideas: Leylan


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