Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Amadeus was always going to be a tough character to crack and divide into different elements, and boy was it really hard for me. In between my constant worrying about examinations and my struggle between the distinct casting of Amadeus as a villain or a hero, or even a more neutral party in this story. Ironically I have little idea of where I am going yet overflowing of ideas in my mind. Amadeus will have much to do with the beginning of the story but for much of Aden/Aric's growing up he'll be a background character according to my split-second decision. Amadeus seems a figure of respect and power, he is the reason for power struggles because he holds so much influence. I truly find myself wondering more about what goes on in his mind and what influences his decisions or thought process.

Briefly it was considered using angels as a major part of this world I am weaving as the home of Amadeus, the descendants of angels being the important characters but after reading Angelology which left me breathless although a little disappointed (I think I saw it from miles away about Percival being Grandfather of Evangeline, far too early in the story) to give any shock when it was finally revealed.

I discarded that idea, it'd be hard to weave them in without compromising my hardly devout but still their religious background. Angels in my mind are not what they would end up in this story and good Angels don't fit in with what I had in mind, unfortunately.

I'm eager to devise rituals probably derived from Wicca and other religions for Amadeus and I want some darker elements because I know Amadeus will stray the boundaries of magic. He is just that darn awesome.

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